About Us

Hi my name is Josh Ryan and I am the owner and the only employee for Gunpowder and Ink. I started this business, well because I admire my successful and beautiful wife Addy, the owner of Adelyn Elaines Boutique

I haven't always been in the retail business. I spent the last five years with CalFire as a Firefighter. Due to unfortunate events, I was forced to find a new career path. We moved to East Texas in 2021, and I decided my life would be happier working for myself printing shirts and running a small herd of cows at our new beautiful home. 

I chose DTG printing because of the endless possibilities you're able to do with this incredible machine. I use a TextJet Echo 2 and a PretreaterPro for my printing. It allows me to print professional quality and I am able to print on much more then shirts or sweatshirts with the capability of printing DTF on almost anything. 

I absolutely love Texas! We live in a small town named Gilmer in East Texas. We have some Longhorn and Angus cows which is a huge learning experience for me, but I find  the whole process very fun and relaxing. Addy and I decided we needed a couple outside dogs, so we got ourselves some.... Mini donkeys! Cheeks and Chops are our everyday source of entertainment. Those two sure have some big personalities, and we love it. I couldn't forget about our dogs. They are our children

I couldn't think of life any other way I would rather live my life. I think we are both right where we are supposed to be.