What Can We Print On?

What can we print on?

We get the question all the time. What can we print on?

DTG printing is recommended for complex designs, with sharp details and multiple color variations. Dtg printers use water-based inks, hence best results occur with natural fabrics, as they have the tendency to absorb liquids. The outcome is vibrant colors that are strongly fixated into the fibers resulting in high wash endurance. Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, repel water as they are composed from plastic. We suggest anything with 50% cotton or more for the garment, or any other "natural" materials. So we can print on more the just shirts! ask us about printing on sweatshirts, bags, towels and much more!

What if I want 100% synthetic material?

We can print it using the DTF method! Direct to Film (DTF) is a process that produces textile transfers. First, a film is digitally printed and then the design is coated with an adhesive powder. Afterwards, the film is “baked” and transferred onto the garment by using heat. You may ask, will the quality go down? Absolutely not! The transfers will soak into the fabric like DTG printing does. This method just bonds the materials through film instead of pretreatment. Don't confuse it with sublimation or screen printing, we still hold a higher more professional standard to our transfers that have absolutely no color limitations! If you have questions, feel free to email us!